10%  of  all  profits  donated to  SCM  charities       

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We've donated over $5300 (and counting) because of your support!

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Hi, We are a dad / daughter run small apparel brand, established in 2021. I made this design in August 2020 after our great Santa Cruz Mountain community was devastated by fires, with 100% of profits donated to recovery & residents affected by the CZU Lightning Fire. (cfscc.org/fire) My teenage daughter & I had the idea to symbolize our 70+ favorite places, animals, activities and history in the SCM's together in a design that we thought mountain residents would be proud to wear. We truly live in a redwood paradise, but we’re vulnerable to Mother Nature, especially with fires.

After selling out the first 2 runs and donating $4200 in 2020, for 2021 we are keeping it going and expanding by shifting from a fundraiser to a business that will give back 10% of all profits to SCM charities. Thank you for your support! -Erik (& Sofia) Olsen, Redwood Estates Residents

We are inspired by Community, Mother Nature and Kindness

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Redwood loving Dad

   I'm a dad who loves redwoods. My daughter and I moved to The Great Santa Cruz Mountains in 2009 when she was 7, since we both loved Redwoods and Mother Nature. She has had a great experience growing up in the woods and we both love our hidden paradise so much. 

   The early morning of August 16 2020 we were evacuated from our house after I witnessed a lightning strike a redwood tree & fire ignite just 75 yards away from my bedroom window. Luckily I was awake from the insane storm, so we were out of the house in less than a minute, driving through smoke and fire that was blowing across our only road in and out. Our house survived, and very shortly after my daughter and I had began our TGSCM project, which raised over $5300 since 2020, and we are continuing on and will always donate 10% of all profits to SCM charities.